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Cross-Cultural Training

Global Business Culture

Global Business culture was established in 1996 and has been delivering cross-cultural training and cultural awareness consultancy to major global corporates ever since.  Our mission is to improve the cross-border commercial efficiencies in our clients’ operations by helping people understand the direct connection between improved cultural fluency and improved global profitability.

We take an intensely practical approach to issues around the impact that cultural differences can have when people and organisations work across the barriers of culture, geography, time zones and language.  We know that people look for real-life, tangible examples which they can relate to rather than academic theory.  Having worked across the globe on every continent we can provide those real-life examples and plenty of ‘light-bulb’ moments.

Cross-cultural trainingOur clients come from a range of sectors and backgrounds but over the years we have been particularly active delivering cross-cultural training to:

  • Law Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Professional Services
  • Telecomms
  • Pharmaceuticals

In addition to the face-to-face training we deliver, we are increasingly being asked to run virtual training programmes for clients who have employees spread across a number of different geographies and this client need has also encouraged us to develop Global Business Compass which is a comprehensive cultural awareness digital learning hub.

Through a combination on live-training, webinars, digital learning and a network of hand-picked partners around the world we are able to service our clients on a global scale.

Keith Warburton

Keith WarburtonKeith Warburton is the founder of Global Business Culture and the driving force behind the iconic website www.worldbusinessculture.com.  He is an internationally recognised expert on the impact that cross-border cultural differences and global communication issues can have on global corporate effectiveness.  He works with many of the world’s great companies as well as professional service firms, governments and Higher Education establishments.

His practical application of this topic to the commerciality of any business comes from a career which saw him work in Europe, the Middle East and Asia for a twenty-year period.   Having worked across the world at C-level he understands global business and has the ability to ally his vast cultural knowledge and communication skills to your business and your sector.

Keith is a renowned conference speaker and is in great demand at corporate events where he is asked to address such issues as:
  • Developing global cultural capability
  • Building international virtual teams
  • Improving cross-border communication
  • Global business development strategies
  • New market entry pitfalls
  • Effective global outsourcing
  • International shared service centre efficiency
  • Global fluency and awareness

In addition to consulting, training and conference speaking, Keith is also often called on to act as mentor to senior leaders who value being able to tap into his vast reservoir of global knowledge and his ability to make that knowledge relevant to the commercial dilemmas faced in a cultural complex world.

If you would like to know how Keith Warburton could add value to your global effectiveness either through consultancy, mentoring, targeted training or keynote speeches please contact us for an initial discussion.