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Global Business Culture in Brazil


Antoine Faugeres

CEO Brazil


Antoine Faugeres Global Business Culture CEO Brazil

  • Are you individually, or as a company, equipped to overcome the complexities of the different working styles and client expectations you encounter when working internationally?
  • How can you improve both internal and external efficiencies when working cross-border?
  • How effectively are you able to communicate ideas and strategy across cultures and languages?
  • Can greater cultural fluency boost profitability?

We specialise in developing and delivering tailored cultural awareness training programmes to meet your exact needs which will help you and your organisation work more effectively across the barriers of culture, geography and language.

Our training offerings include:

  • Cultural awareness raising sessions – live and webinar-based
  • Country-specific programmes
  • Global virtual team development courses
  • Digital learning using our world-leading platform, Global Business Culture™
  • Cultural awareness assessments with our unique ICBI™ tool
  • Train-the-trainer programmes for inhouse training teams

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