Cultural Awareness Training – Mexico

Country-specific and cultural awareness training to enable globally diverse work teams to function effectively, understand the differences of culture, and increase productivity.

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Global Business Culture are experts in helping companies work more effectively with colleagues and clients in Mexico. We have extensive experience of working with major clients on issues around Mexican business culture and have built an unrivalled expertise in this area.

We operate from the US, Europe and Australia but also have a presence in Mexico. We are like you – we work with a team in Mexico every day. Our expertise in this field is not theoretical; it is practical and learnt through experience. We can share this experience with you and your teams.

Our training programs, both in-person and webinar-based are practical and commercially focused – we want you to improve your ability to work efficiently with colleagues in the U.S’s leading trading partner.
Our dedicated, full-time trainers have years of experience developing customised training programs designed to make your team understand and collaborate better with teams in Mexico.

How we boost profitability with greater cultural fluency:

  • Understand and utilize various working styles
  • Improve both internal and external efficiencies when working across borders
  • Effectively communicate ideas and strategy across cultures

Our services achieve this by assuring our clients:

Ensuring that delegates have an in-depth understanding of the impact of their actions on colleagues and clients in Mexico
Developing a deep knowledge of Mexican cultural values, expectations and motivations as well as looking at some of the common do’s and don’ts
Working on showing how the newly acquired cultural knowledge can help develop effective and profitable business relationships in Mexico

The STEP is a learning journey rather than a one-time training intervention.

To achieve the learning objectives, we deliver a blended training solution that incorporates the following key STEPs:


Pre-training needs analysis through questionnaires or interviews


Live and webinar-based training sessions

Embed Learning

Using Global Business Compass or customised elearning


Measure the cultural competency achieved

Why Choose Us

Commercial Application

We are completely focused on the commercial application of newly acquired cultural awareness knowledge and skills to the business of doing effective business in Mexico. We are passionate about helping you work more effectively across the barriers of culture and language in practical, actionable ways when working with Mexican colleagues and clients.

Global Presence

Global Business Culture is the only dedicated cultural awareness training consultancy with operations on five continents – including Mexico. We are where you are; we can add value on a truly global scale.

Country Specialists

We operate in multiple geographies and our full-time consultants are specialists in the key geographies where you operate. Our consultants have years of international experience working with and in Mexico and all have significant business experience which helps them not only with the cultural issues you face but also with your commercial challenges

Digital Learning

We have helped clients cascade learning at scale through our digital learning expertise. Global Business Culture can present you with ‘off-the-shelf’ digital learning solutions as well as customised elearning programs tailored to the specific needs of your organisation when working with Mexico


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Global Companies


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About Global Business Culture

The company was founded in 1996 and focuses exclusively on the impact of global culture on business effectiveness. Global Business Culture works with leading multi-national companies to boost operational effectiveness in increasingly complex global landscapes. Our team increases cultural fluency needed to work effectively in cross-border environments.

We operate from the US, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, India and Australia.

Improve intercultural competence

Learn from the world’s leading specialists of country-specific and cultural awareness training.

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