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About Us

Making Culture Work For You

Our mission is to help clients develop the awareness and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s complex global environment and to ensure that the company culture underpinning their operations effectively supports an agreed commercial strategy.

We combine in-depth global business culture expertise with an understanding of how that can impact your company culture. This gives us a unique perspective on global organisational development which, we think, can add enormous added value.

We work across multiple sectors with many of the world’s great global brands, professional service firms, Higher Education establishments and, increasingly, with growing start-ups who are looking to scale up globally at pace.

The Global Business Culture team brings together decades of global and corporate culture experience gained in multiple geographies, across multiple disciplines.

Our Team

Keith Warburton Business Cultural Awareness

Keith Warburton

Rohan Moktali - CEO India - Global Business Culture

Rohan Moktali

Navkaran Singh

Vidya Subramanian

Vidya Subramanian

Antoine Faugeres

Jude Mahony Cultural Awareness Training in Australia

Jude Mahony

Luis Gonzáles

Jyoti Moktali

Asmita Parashar