The Globalisation Gap

A recent Boston Consulting Group report highlighted the capability gap companies are faced with when trying to achieve their global ambitions.  The work Global Business Culture has done over the past 15 years or so with companies going through this globalisation process would fully support the findings of this report which highlights a number of […]

Is it possible to build a Global Appraisal System in a Culturally Complex Organisation?

As more and more companies organise themselves in regional or even global structures, the need for some form of global bench-marking of performance becomes ever more pressing – but is it really possible to have one system that can accurately grade performance in the USA, China and Nigeria? The problems start to arise as soon […]

Selling in China – what works and what doesn’t

Like all markets, China plays by its own rules.  Some sales approaches that work well in your own country might completely fail in a market as unique as China – on the other had some might work really well.  So, is it just a question of trying everything that works at home and analysing the […]

India as a key growth market – here’s what you need to know!

There is little doubt that India will be one of the most exciting growth markets for the next twenty years or more but turning potential into a sustainable business takes know-how and planning.  Here are my top issues to consider when contemplating entering the India market: Understand the cultures – it is really important to stress […]

Global Culture and Supply Chain

After a lifetime working on Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Think Global Growth’s founding director Neil Moon (ex-Agility Strategic Enterprise VP) realised that many of the key pinch-points within global Supply Chains are actually the direct result of globally differing views about how business is done in various parts of the world.  He saw that […]

Xi Jinping Thought – A few observations

There has been a lot of noise being made recently about the constitutional changes in China which have allowed Xi Jinping to extend his grip on power beyond 2022 as well as the new emphasis on Xi Jinping Thought which to many sounds like a disturbing echo of Mao’s Little Red Book.  Many commentators are […]

Global Compliance in a Culturally Complex World

‘International Business Attitudes to Corruption’ a report published by Control Risks, highlighted some of the extreme challenges faced by Compliance Officers within global organisations. As regulators increasingly extend their global reach whilst anti-corruption laws become ever more comprehensive, Global Compliance comes face-to-face often with uncomfortable on-the ground reality of culturally differing norms around the world. […]

A Ghanaian taxi driver, Vladimir Putin and being WEIRD

I recently met a taxi driver from Africa whilst taking a ride from the airport to my hotel in Hamburg. It turned out that the guy was originally from Ghana and we started to have a wide-ranging conversation about the state of Africa, where Africa is going, Anglophone vs Francophone Africa and other fairly typical […]

Bridging the Globalisation Gap

In an earlier blog I discussed some of the findings of a recent Boston Consulting Group report which highlighted the fact that many companies face a huge capability gap when it comes to implementing global strategy.  The strategy may be fine but if individuals within the organisation lack the global mindset to enable them to implement […]

4 Areas where Global Culture impacts on Global Supply Chain

International cultural differences will have an impact on absolutely every element of any global supply chain. Every single element of the complex chain you have developed will be touched by the effect of global differing mindsets. However, I’m going to take just four illustrative issues and highlight why lack of cultural knowledge and the practical […]