Why invest in Cultural Awareness Training?

At Global Business Culture, we have spent twenty years developing and delivering cultural awareness training courses all over the world.  We have worked with some of the most prestigious of global companies, helping them improve levels of cultural fluency within their organisations.  So why do these organisations decide to invest significant budget and time on […]

What makes a good cultural awareness trainer?

When organisations are thinking of delivering cultural awareness training programmes to their employees, there are two key elements they need to address: The structure and content of the cultural awareness training programme The capabilities of the trainer I have addressed the issue of course content in some earlier blogs and so wanted to focus more […]

What is cultural awareness training for business?

Having spent the last twenty years delivering cultural awareness training to major corporations around the world, I suppose I should know the answer to that question!  However, it seems to me that a great many of my clients are confused when it comes to describing what they want a cultural awareness training programme to deliver. […]

Why cultural fluency in sales and marketing is paramount

Do global marketers and sales people need cultural fluency or do generic marketing and sales concepts supersede any differences in approach and attitude found in differing countries around the world? That is a question I am asked a lot during the learning and development programmes we run for a number of large multi-national clients around […]

What does a good cultural awareness training course look like?

Since Global Business Culture started delivering cultural awareness training courses to major global corporations about twenty years ago, we have witnessed a proliferation of people coming into the market to offer similar products.  This is great as it means clients have more choice in terms of training providers they can work with but at the […]

Does digital make the world smaller?

The internet and digital marketing bring the world to our door and make access to new markets infinitely easier – or that is the current perceived wisdom. Things might not, however, be that straightforward. The first, and pretty obvious, caveat to the notion that digital makes global access more easily attainable is that if digital […]

Lots of our clients are WEIRD

It’s probably not a great idea to start a post by appearing to insult most of our clients… … So I’d better quickly explain what I mean by calling you WEIRD. Joseph Henrich, Steven J Heine and Ara Norenzayan issued a research paper a few years ago showing that most behavioural science theory is built […]

Global Compliance and Global Cultural Difference

A report published by Control Risks titled ‘International Business Attitudes to Corruption’ succinctly highlighted some of the extreme challenges faced by Compliance Officers within global organisations. As regulators increasingly extend their global reach whilst at the same time anti-corruption laws become ever more comprehensive, Global Compliance comes face-to-face with culturally differing norms around the world. […]

3 reasons why global law firms need to develop global cultural fluency

Over the past decade, I have worked with some of the world’s greatest international Law Firms and I have been heavily involved with their globalization processes. This has been a fascinating journey and I’ve learnt an enormous amount along the way. Many of the firms have grown from local powerhouses to global super powers and […]

Why should an organisation build cultural fluency?

I really believe this statement is true if an organisation is to be able to work really effectively across the barriers of culture, language, geography and time. The problem is that people are not necessarily born with an innate understanding of how business works in areas of the globe they don’t know and maybe have […]