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Luis Gonzáles

Luis Gonzáles Global communications consultant and facilitator with more than 20 years’ experience in helping improve business outcomes for organizations. He has successfully driven learning initiatives for international organizations and teams that encompass cultural assessment, systemic change, and cross-cultural communication. He works closely with CEOs and leadership teams, positively impacting business outcomes through effective communication in global, multi-cultural, and remote work team settings.

Luis has lived and worked in India, México, and Brazil. His expertise is Cross cultural Competency, International Business Communication, Global Team Building and Managing Global Teams. Regional expertise: India, México, and the US.

Luis has a track record of success in the cross-cultural communication competence of associates in Mexico working with stakeholders in the US, Indians working with teams in Mexico and the US, and US executives directing teams in Brazil. He has developed and facilitated training workshops on cross-cultural communication and other targeted learning sessions training workshops for global effectiveness, resulting in measurable improvement in the quality of soft skills, intercultural competency, and communications. Some examples of Luis’ industry experience are IT, Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Health Care, Insurance, and Retail.

A native English speaker, Luis also speaks Spanish fluently and is conversant in Portuguese.