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Making global virtual teams work

Global virtual team working is challenging – we can’t get away from that fact.  People are increasingly being asked to work across the barriers of culture, language and time zones in global virtual teams and it simply isn’t easy.

How can we ensure that virtual, multi-cultural teams are able to function as effectively as co-located mono-cultural teams?  Who sets the benchmarks around how the team dynamics should work?  Who decides what good leadership should look like when a team consists of seven different cultures?  What does good intra-team communication look like and how can we avoid things slipping down cracks?

These challenges can result in virtual teams becoming inefficient and dysfunctional which defeats the reason the team was formed in the first place. All too often international teams are brought together with little or no thought being put into how these teams will operate in practice. Virtual team leaders are sometimes unaware of what the typical difficulties are within global virtual teams and feel powerless to affect team dynamics in any meaningful way.

Global Business Culture has been working with global companies for over a decade on precisely these issues.  We have a proven track record of developing the skills and knowledge that people need to help them operate effectively within a global virtual team.  We run highly practical, interactive training interventions which are designed to help teams work effectively and efficiently.

Global Virtual Teams

We offer our clients a full range of global virtual team training programmes and developmental tools which include:

  • Working in global virtual teams
  • Leading global virtual teams
  • Developing global virtual team protocols
  • Making conference calls work
  • E-learning
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Country profiles for team members

If you are looking to develop global virtual team-working skills within your organisation in a way that will have an immediate, practical impact on your business performance please contact us for an initial discussion.