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Leading and Managing Virtual Teams

Countries: USA, | Sector: Tech


Our client is in the entertainment technology industry headquartered in Boston, US. In June 2022, the company officially began working in a hybrid environment with some employees working 100percent in the office, 100pc remote or in a hybrid office/remote mode.



The client realized that leading virtual distributed teams who were working both in the office and remotely would be a major challenge for leaders. They needed a forum where experts could share best practices and the leaders could develop ways of working more effectively together.



Global Business Culture designed a customized program which incorporated their ways of working. We changed the name of our course from “Leading Hybrid Teams” to “Leading Distributed Teams” because the word “distributed” is used internally. Due to the number of topics related to this course, they selected the topics related to their needs. Two topics were improving communication and hybrid meetings where participants were attending in the office and remotely. They also requested that the awareness and managing of proximity bias was also covered. We discussed the importance of providing more context and communicating with more remote team members.



The leaders realized the problems that could occur while working in a hybrid environment. Favoritism, unfair performance reviews and lower team morale can result from proximity bias. They learned strategies to manage it. These leadership strategies were intended to reduce attrition.