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Building Global Leaders

Countries: India, USA, | Sector: Tech


Our client is in the marketing technology industry headquartered in Arizona, USA. Apart from various other offices located within the USA, the client also has an office in Chennai, India.



Our client is growing the number of employees in India and other global locations. Their Executive Leadership Team requested cultural training to become more culturally agile and build greater working relationships with their Indian colleagues. The first step was for the leadership team to learn more about working across cultures and then they will support and promote the training throughout the organization. The second step was to provide this training to their people leaders and individual contributors to improve business interactions and communication across cultures.



Global Business Culture designed a customized program which incorporated the company’s values and their impact across cultures. We asked the participants to identify key benefits and challenges faced by the leadership team members through small group table discussions. Case studies were developed to illustrate various cultural misunderstandings and workstyle differences. Before the training session, the leaders used the assessment, the ICBI™ (Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator) to learn about their similarities and differences working with others on their teams. The trainers used the team comparison reports of the ICBI™ to customize the training. The main areas of training were based on cultural dimensions of hierarchy, identity, and communication challenges.



The ELT team are more aware of their cultural preferences after taking the ICBI™ assessment. They learned strategies to bridge the cultural gaps and improve communication and productivity among their global teams. The company values are now supported in ways that are inclusive and meaningful for cultures inside and outside the US