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If an organization decides to train internally, we prepare trainers in our train-the-trainer programmes. These customized programmes are designed according to the needs of the organization. Programme topics may include:

  • Cultural Competency
  • Working Effectively in a Multicultural Environment
  • Country Specific Training
  • Debriefing the ICBI™ Cultural Assessment
  • Using the Global Business Compass
  • Leading Effective Hybrid Teams
  • Working in Effective Hybrid Teams
  • Global Virtual Team Effectiveness

For our train-the-trainer programmes, we use the following model.

Step 1 – Learn

The master trainer demonstrates how to deliver a programme.

Step 2 – Co-Teach

The master trainer and the potential trainer practice delivering a programme together.

Step 3 – Takeover

The potential trainer practices delivering the programme individually.

Step 4 – Deliver

The potential trainer delivers to students.

The train-the-trainer programmes include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. The master trainer directs potential trainers to supplementary resources and references the extensive library on our Global Business Compass™. Our goal is to train competent instructors to train others on the materials and to recommend delivery best practices.