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The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process

Coaching across cultures requires additional training for coaches to be successful. The train-the-coach programme increases cultural competence in this core area of knowledge and skill.

Cultural sensitivity is critical when coaching clients. Intercultural competency enables coaches to co-create effective strategies with their clients to work more effectively in a multicultural environment (virtual or in-person).

Our train-the-coach programme is a blended training approach which includes interactive virtual webinars and asynchronous learning. First, participants take the Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator™ (ICBI) assessment to determine their cultural preferences and their gaps with other cultures. During the live webinars, the instructor teaches the techniques of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™. Throughout the programme, participants leverage the Global Business Compass™ to embed the learning.

What is the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™?

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ is a proven methodology, guiding coaches in exploring with their clients how to succeed in diverse work environments. It provides a framework to take individuals and teams on a journey from identification of cultural preferences through the establishment of real-world solutions. There are four steps of the process which are described below.

The train-the-trainer programmes include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. The master trainer directs potential trainers to supplementary resources and references the extensive library on our Global Business Compass™. Our goal is to train competent instructors to train others on the materials and to recommend delivery best practices.


The attitudes and values we hold impact all of our behaviours, from our preferred style of communication to our attitudes on work, time, and relationships. In the Calculate step of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™, with the ICBI™ you develop a baseline understanding of your own culture, preferences, and values. We then use that baseline to gain insight into your interaction with other cultures.


The differences you experience when interacting with another culture can cause stress, frustration, and both internal and external conflict. In the Choose step of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™, you look at your culture gaps – those circumstances that make you feel different from individuals from different backgrounds – and you explore the values, beliefs, habits, or skills that are at the core of that gap. This empowers you to decipher which are negotiable and which are not.


When it comes to your negotiable cultural variables, you have the power to make simple adjustments and overcome assumptions that no longer serve your greater goals. In the Change step of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™, you learn the five steps for changing your attitudes, behaviours, habits, and emotional responses for your negotiable cultural variable.


When it comes to the cultural variables that are non-negotiable (those that are at the core of who you are and what you value), a different approach is necessary to accommodate the differences. In the Create step of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™, you learn the value and process of creating a cultural alliance that provides both parties with awareness and knowledge of the cultural differences and an inclusive environment built from that mutual understanding.

Is certification required to use Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ in my coaching practice?

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ is a certification programme that provides CCE credits (Continuing Coaching Education) for the coaches who are ICF (International Coaching Federation) coaches. The content incorporates the ICF competencies with the methodology.
Professionals who are not ICF coaches are encouraged to take the certification programme. Those individuals with a cultural background and experience working/living abroad will be the most effective. Once certified, coaches use the ICBI™ and the process in their practice.

What is the value for coaches?

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ guides coaches to identify their cultural preferences to become more emotionally intelligent when working with others from diverse cultures. We teach coaches to understand their clients within their context which may include identity, environment, experiences, values, and beliefs. Coaches learn how to employ an effective style of communication that is flexible based on their client’s needs and context.

Do you have a learning community?

We welcome you to join our learning community for professionals interested in building their cultural competency and coaching skills. We focus on cultural differences and share our related cultural stories. Participants meet others in the community and learn how to use the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process in their practice. Contact us with the subject of “Share Our Cultural Stories”.