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China Cultural Awareness Training

China Cultural Awareness Training

As China’s economy has boomed over the past few decades, interest in doing business with China has soared. People recognise that successful business relations with China demand an understanding of the unique business cultural landscape which has been fashioned over millennia and evolved into its current mix of traditional thinking fused with modern processes and approaches.

Global Business Culture runs China cultural awareness training programmes for clients from a wide range of sectors who have varying business interests in China but who all share a need for greater understanding and cultural dexterity. We run these courses at all levels within client organisations and in multiple global locations – including China.

Our clients tend to fall into a number of different categories, driven by differing interests and relationships with China:

  • Clients who have been acquired by a Chinese parent company

    We find that companies who have been acquired by a Chinese parent company want to develop a greater level of understanding of the key business drivers of their contacts back at the new HQ. They want to be able to persuade and influence their parent company to allow them to continue to develop their business in the way they feel is best for the business – they don’t want to be guided by people they feel might not understand their market fully.

  • Clients with supply chain interests in China

    More and more businesses rely heavily on supply chains which are embedded in China. The China relationship therefore becomes critical for their operational effectiveness and people realise that a good understanding of the Chinese approach to business can reap immediate rewards in terms of helping improve communication and interpersonal relations.

  • Clients with subsidiaries in China

    There is an active war for talent taking place in China and this situation is unlikely to improve quickly given the demographics of China’s ageing population. Many good potential Chinese candidates are opting to work for local Chinese companies and turning their backs on opportunities with foreign capital companies. Therefore, understanding your current Chinese colleagues and having the cultural fluency to recruit well in China become of increasing importance. Recruitment and retention are vital in a China context.

  • Clients looking to develop China as a market for their goods or services

    The potential of the China market is almost limitless. Make it big in China and it could be a game-changer for your organisation. But China is hard – someone once said: ‘In China everything is possible; but nothing is easy.’ If you want to succeed in China, you need to understand the local environment and you need to understand the Chinese approach to business. Going to China without doing your cultural homework could prove very costly.

In order to help our clients, navigate the complex cultural landscape we have developed a number of practical and effective China cultural awareness training programmes.

  • China strategy session

    This cultural awareness training session is designed for senior leadership to help them explore how a deeper knowledge of Chinese business culture can enable them to align their strategy to the reality on the ground. Too often strategy lacks a deeper understanding of how cultural differences might impact on the implementation of that strategy and particularly on timescales and investment.

  • China cultural awareness

    This China cultural awareness training programme is designed to help China-facing employees at all levels understand the drivers and expectations of their counterparts in China. The course explores some key China business concepts and links them to practical day-to-day issues which can be of immediate help to the delegates on the course.

  • Communicating with China

    Communication with China can be difficult and English language levels are patchy at best. It is therefore essential that all employees who have contacts in China work really hard to communicate in as user-friendly fashion as possible. This programme gives people the practical tools they need to immediately improve cross-border communication.

  • China market entry

    Many of our clients come to us and ask us to help them develop their China business development plans before they start to make any significant decisions about China – many others come to us and say: ‘We entered China two years ago and it’s not going well. Can you help?’ Effective China market entry needs understanding, knowledge, research and strategy. We help clients at all stages and often kick this process off by running a China market entry strategy session.

If you are looking to improve your cultural understanding of China and improve your effectiveness in the region as a result, please contact us for an initial discussion.