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Agile Transformation Culture Assessment?

Agile Transformation Culture Assessment

More and more companies are moving to Agile methodologies to deliver their projects and products more effectively, more cheaply and with a quicker turnaround period. The Agile philosophy promotes collective input from clients and customers to deliver faster high-quality value, improve customer satisfaction, and build a company culture of continuous improvement. Agile encourages open communication, feedback exchange, and constant knowledge sharing through collaboration to achieve these. Agile principles need a company culture that supports:

  • Individuals and actions over processes and tools
  • Working deliverables over comprehensive designs
  • Stakeholder collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over adhering to a plan

If a company is adopting an Agile methodology like the Scrum framework, it needs to ensure that the existing culture in the company is compatible and supports Agile principles. The company also needs to ensure that the national cultural values of different geographical teams are considered when implementing Agile. Our company culture assessment highlights the different dimensions of the company culture and the optimal position needed for an easier Agile transformation. This is further supported by assessing and incorporating the national culture differences among multicultural teams.