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Cultural Awareness Training

These cultural awareness training programmes are aimed at people who work cross-border with contacts from a broad range of different countries and who therefore need to develop a general understanding of the ways in which cultural differences can impact on cross-border business activities.

Typically, these training programmes run over either half-day or a full day and are designed to cover a wide range of business-related topics such as different meeting styles, attitudes to contracts, decision-making processes and cross-border communication.

The courses are designed to be intensely practical and of immediate value to delegates in their day-to-day business activities.

Country-specific Training

Many of the cultural awareness training programmes we run focus on exploring the cultural approach to business found in a specific country or a specific region. These training programmes allowed delegates to take a much deeper dive into a country or region which is of interest to the business.

These programmes can be extremely beneficial to people working with a major client in a particular country or when interfacing with colleagues in the head office or in a subsidiary company. Many of our clients have found these country-specific courses extremely helpful post-cross-border merger and acquisition activities.

A very popular approach to increasing levels of global fluency within an organisation is to run a series of general cultural awareness training programmes followed by country or region-specific courses. This process allows the development of both awareness and knowledge – the two key elements of global fluency acquisition.

For an introduction to the various issues that cultural awareness training can overcome, you are welcome to visit our cultural resources website for detailed cultural awareness resources for all continents of the world.

Global Law Firm Training

Global Business Culture and its founder Keith Warburton help law firms deliver on their promise of a seamless service across multiple jurisdictions through helping develop increased levels of global fluency and awareness. We have delivered global law firm training for many of the world’s great law firms as well as large in-house counsel teams – which gives us a unique insight into the law firm sector.

We work in both a training and coaching capacity and help partners, associates and trainees become more globally effective. We also have significant experience in helping support staff functions collaborate efficiently across global networks. Having over fifteen years close association with law firms, we can demonstrate a deep understanding of law firm dynamics and are able to draw on best practice from across the sector.

Global Virtual Teams Training

Keith Warburton, CEO and founder of global business culture, is a renowned public speaker who is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of cultural differences on global business issues. As such, he is in constant demand as a keynote speaker at major international conferences. In the last 15 years, he has spoken at more than 200 large scale conferences.

Keith is able to really engage an audience (either large or small) and brings insights and knowledge, coupled with a warm, humorous approach. He can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of a specific organization and has a wealth of commercial experience which helps make the messages he delivers ‘real’.

Hybrid Teams Training

Many of the cultural awareness training programmes we run are designed in conjunction with a specific business function within a client organisation. These programmes enable us to work closely with the function head in order to address specific commercial challenges which that function might be facing when working with colleagues, clients or other international stakeholders.

These training interventions are intensely practical in nature and usually end with a workshop session where the delegates are able to work through the cultural challenges which have been identified during the day so that they can develop action plans for implementation post-training.

We have run function-specific training courses for sales departments, marketing teams, recruitment, HR, Finance and IT.

Digital Learning Platform

Global Business Culture has a wealth of experience in the international market entry environment and is uniquely positioned to help organisations who are looking to enter a new international market. All too often, the cultural aspects of developing a business in a new overseas market are overlooked, which can lead to numerous difficulties further down the line.

We are able to work with clients to identify the cultural challenges they are likely to encounter when entering a specific new market and can connect those cultural challenges with such critical issues as market research, choice of company structure, recruitment of key individuals and product fit.

Cultural Assessments

Global Business Culture consultants have all lived and worked in multiple countries and therefore really understand the challenges of life as an expatriate. We work with individuals and families to help smooth the secondment path so that the secondee can hit the ground running and the accompanying family can transition to their new life with the least difficulty.


We have developed a suite of E-learning programmes which make quality cultural awareness training available to distant members of staff who are unable to attend face-to-face training interventions.

This E-learning programme consists of four modules which cover: an introduction to the impact of cultural differences on cross-border working, international meetings, global communication and relationship-building across the barriers of culture, geography and language.


Our iconic website, World Business Culture contains a wealth of country-specific information on the cultural approach which is likely to be encountered across 42 major global economies. These country profiles can be used by delegates to further deepen their cultural knowledge and understanding.