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Global Culture and Supply Chain

After a lifetime working on Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Think Global Growth’s founding director Neil Moon (ex-Agility Strategic Enterprise VP) realised that many of the key pinch-points within global Supply Chains are actually the direct result of globally differing views about how business is done in various parts of the world.  He saw that many of the problems around such issues as communication break-down, planning, contracting, dispute resolution and adequate staffing were all caused by the fact that people in China simply did things differently than people in the UK and that people in the UK did things differently than their counterparts in Germany.  The problem was that nobody really understood these issues.

As Founder of Global Business Culture I have worked for years on helping with the operational efficiencies of organisations who work cross-border.  Working with many of the world’s major corporates I had also come to realise that the cultural dissonances found within global supply chains were causing huge problems which people often lacked the awareness and knowledge to overcome.

Our meeting resulted in us developing the world’s first programme which fuses global supply chain excellence and global cultural competence.  The programme, called ‘Global Business Culture and Supply Chain Management’ is aimed at helping industry experts hone their skills and really get a better understanding of how global business culture can impact on key elements of supply chain management and what steps can be taken to ensure global effectiveness.

This one-day programme fuses deep global cultural knowledge and a lifetime of supply chain expertise – it’s an essential ‘must do’ for people who look to continually improve their operations.

If you would like more information on the specifics of this programme, please contact me at:  keith@globalbusinessculture.com

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