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Company Culture Transformation?

Company Culture Transformation

Any leadership team planning to realise their current strategy or bring in a new strategic direction in the company need to ensure that their company culture is aligned with the strategic direction. This culture needs to be measured, analysed and if needed, changed to support the leadership’s vision and plans.

Changing the culture may sound easy but it needs a very careful assessment, planning and execution to ensure the change supports your objectives and goals. We follow a five-step program to help break down this complex process into more manageable practical steps.

Step 1 – Set Objectives

This is the first step in the program where you set your intended objectives and goals for the company. These are the objectives and goals which will further define what sort of culture needs to be realised to achieve these. For example, you may decide to implement Agile ways of working in your organisation, become more customer-focused, or be more innovative etc. In addition to the overall organisation, we also define the various subcultures within the organisation that needs to be assessed and measured. This may include different functions, geographies, roles, management layers, ages etc.

Step 2 – Define Optimal Culture

During this step, we help you visualise and determine the Optimal Culture that you need to have in your organisation to achieve your set objectives. This is facilitated by our consultants through a virtual or physical workshop with your selected leadership and/or project team. The outcome of this process is Optimal scores on each of the six dimensions of the MFM model.

Step 3 – Measure Actual Culture

Once the Optimal Culture and target are set, we measure the actual culture within your company. This is done using our online survey that is sent to your entire or subset of the workforce. The outcome of this includes:

  • Current state of culture on the 6 dimensions of the Multi Focus Model
  • Leadership style and acceptance level
  • Cultural identity
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Change readiness
  • Work-stay motivation

Step 4 – Analyse Gaps

This phase is facilitated by a workshop, where our consultants present the gaps and synergies between the Actual and Optimal cultures. The leadership team analyses the results and prioritises the change areas they would like to focus on. This prioritisation helps in defining and focusing on the change that is manageable while having the most impact on the overall culture. The outcome is the agreed areas of change on the MFM model.

Step 5 – Plan Change and Actions

This is the last workshop, where our consultants help the leadership and change team in translating the change areas into actionable items called ‘Levers of Change’. These are practical suggestions generated by the MFM model, separated into different layers of Symbols, Heroes, Rituals and Beliefs. This is also where the Change Owners participate and take ownership of the Change Projects that they will plan and execute. Depending on the client’s needs, our consultants can continue to work with the leadership and change owners throughout the change process as Cultural Catalysts.

Once the agreed change is implemented, we recommend measuring the Actual Culture again and ensuring the Optimal Culture set by the leadership team has been realised.