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The Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI)™

Individual Cultural Blueprint IndicatorThe Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI)™ assessment is for individuals and teams to increase productivity, improve teamwork, and promote efficient communications within multicultural environments. The goal of the ICBI is to create awareness for each team member about his or her own cultural preferences, so each member can address challenges proactively from a place of knowledge and respect. Colleagues who have the visibility and understanding of how their work style is different to others on their team and to other national cultures, are more likely to work more effectively together.

What is the ICBI™ Assessment?

The ICBI™ is a behaviour, habit, and belief-based assessment that empowers you to learn about your cultural preferences and compare them with other colleagues and with the median cultural preferences of another specified culture. You may want to compare your cultural blueprint with those of the country where you’ll be relocating, the diverse cultures of your colleagues, or the cultures with which your company interacts with the most (either virtually or in person).
The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides you with a complete “Cultural Preferences and Gaps” report. It allows you to identify the most relevant cultural gaps affecting your work and to evaluate whether the resulting challenges can be solved by addressing those gaps.

How is the ICBI™ used in teams?

For culturally diverse teams, the ICBI™ empowers colleagues to compare their cultural preferences and use that knowledge to create a more efficient business environment.

Newly formed teams will find they are able to build their processes and patterns based on a foundation of awareness that supports the creation of an inclusive environment. This hinges on a respectful understanding of their differences. Within a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) strategy, the assessment provides awareness of diverse working style preferences.

Long-established teams will use their new knowledge to identify the root of persistent problems that may be stemming from cultural misunderstandings. This enables them to break the deadlock and address tensions related to cultural gaps.

The key elements of the ICBI assessment include:

  • Comparison of 33 country blueprints to an individual’s blueprint report
  • Comparison report of team members cultural blueprints to an individual’s blueprint
  • 16 orientations of cultural differences
  • An orientation definition, perceptions, and strategies to bridge the gaps
  • A PDF comparable report to view and download
  • Accessible by mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator