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Law Firm Support Services Training

If a global law firm is to operate effectively across the barriers of culture, geography, language and technology then support service staff need to be able to work seamlessly with their colleaugues in offices in other countries.  The really savvy law firms know this and invest time and money in helping their support service staff develop high levels of global cultural fluency.

That’s why I was in Glasgow today with Pinsent Masons LLP support staff from a wide range of different functions including BD, HR, IT, Fiance and Facilities.  We spent our time together exploring exactly how global cultural differences might impact on the internal operations of an international law firm and the specific areas of operations which were most likely to be impacted by these issues.

I am always pleased by how enthusastic support funations are to take this issue on board – hardly surprising as cultural differences can impact on every aspect or running a global law firm.

I am also always keen to get people to think about a couple of really simplistic sounding statements:

  1. Just because things are different in another office, they are not necessarily wrong
  2. A good idea is a good idea regardless of where it originates

Although I admit these are simplistic sounding statements in my expereince of working in BigLaw, the statements are easier say than to apply.  Without the application of this mindset, however, firms will never really gather the benefits of having a truly global workforce and the diversity of thought that can bring with it.