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Supporting Global Transformation Program

Countries: India, USA, | Sector: Tech


The client is a US-headquartered Tech company who works across multiple sectors. After securing substantial VE funding, the company embarked on a significant growth path which included transitioning positions from the US to a new operation in India.



The company had no previous experience of working with a team in India – indeed, it had very little international exposure – and the senior leaders wanted to ensure that the transition to India went smoothly. There was some resistance within the organization to this radical change in approach and, therefore, it was decided that the teams who were most directly affected should be given some preparation for what lay ahead.



It was decided to work with the senior leadership team initially before cascading the programme down to the next tier. Global Business Culture developed a 2 x 2-hour webinar format with the first session designed to give the teams an in-depth understanding of Indian business culture and the second session is divided into a series of workshop discussions on best practices in: • Managing the knowledge-transfer part of the transition • Successful onboarding in India to create a one-team culture • Impacting potential attrition issues



The programme enabled delegates to develop a series of concrete action points around how they would address some key strategic and tactical issues at the beginning of the project rather than waiting (as often happens) until things start to go wrong. It was agreed that the information from the programme needed to be cascaded to a larger audience to ensure that everybody in the organization was ‘transition ready’