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Preparing For Hybrid Work Environment

Countries: Canada, UK, USA, | Sector: Legal


Our client is a legal firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices throughout Canada, the UK, and the US.



Our client requested hybrid working training while the staff were transitioning back to the offices. Many leaders from their various offices participated in the training.



We met with the HR teams to understand their current situation to customize the content. A total of 12 sessions were facilitated with the participants covering many topics during these 90-minute virtual sessions. The course “Leading Hybrid Teams” is facilitated by their people leaders. The topics included the awareness of proximity bias, providing more context, determining the best modes of communication, and other topics related to leading in a hybrid environment.



The people leaders participated in the interactive breakout room discussions and polls and shared ways they could apply the best practices. After the sessions, many leaders had positive conversations with their direct reports to understand how they can make the transition to hybrid working better.