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Integrating Offshored Teams

Countries: India, USA, | Sector: Tech


This IT consulting organization based in Denver, Colorado, US is expanding their employee base in India and wanted its new employees to feel valued within the organization.



Many of the US-based and India-based employees and leaders did not have experience working across cultures. They requested a customized cultural training program that would provide practical ways to work more effectively together and develop strong working relationships.



Global Business Culture’s trainers met with the client to understand more about their needs and designed a customized program. We designed case studies related to challenging agile working situations between the two cultures. Before the sessions, the participants created their cultural profiles using the assessment, the ICBI™ (Individual Culture Blueprint Indicator). One of our India trainers conducted a virtual session for the India team and our US trainer conducted a virtual session for the US team. The participants use the online digital learning platform, the Compass™ to embed the learning from the training. After the sessions, the trainers met with the client stakeholder to better understand how to make future sessions even more successful.



The US and India teams are building stronger working relationships with each other after the training. As the company grows, they are creating a culture of trust and respect for each other.