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Integrating Multicultural Scrum Teams

Countries: India, UK, | Sector: Pharma


The client is UK based leading provider of healthcare software and systems for GPs and hospitals across the country. The client has a big software development team which is spread across the UK and India. This cross-cultural team works together using the AGILE methodology to plan and deliver the final solutions.



The client had faced miscommunication and frustration among the teams, which had an adverse impact on the deliveries. The main objective of the program was to improve the cross-country collaboration, communication, and business interaction among the team members.



Global Business Culture put together a two-phase program. Phase 1 was run separately with the UK and Indian teams. It covered an introduction to the culture, a deep dive into the country’s culture and getting the participants to work in smaller groups to identify the key challenges faced by them. Phase 2 was run with cross-cultural teams, where they worked together to create action and solutions for the challenges identified in Phase 1.



The program generated a comprehensive action plan that came from the workshop participants themselves. This action plan was shared with the Management and the HR team to implement on the company as well as individual levels.