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Creating Effective Virtual Meetings

Countries: India, USA, | Sector: Financial Services


This client in the Healthcare Administrative sector contacted Global Business Culture about solutions to remedy several complaints from leaders and employees to HR about interactions between the US and India.



Our client engaged in conversation with us after several US-based leaders and employees had contacted HR about experiencing challenging meetings with their India-based counterparts. They were not sure if this was a cultural difference or an individual personality issue.



Global Business Culture’s trainers interviewed 6 employees and leaders to understand more about the issues. Our India and US-based trainers collaborated to develop cultural stories that represented some of the different perspectives of behaviour and communication in virtual meetings. Before the training, the participants took the cultural assessment, the ICBI™ (Individual Culture Blueprint Indicator). Their anonymous team results were used to customise the training as well as to provide awareness of the cultural gaps between the teams. Four interactive cultural training sessions (two virtual three-hour training sessions) were conducted in both the US and India. They were “Working with India” and “Working with the US” and focused on the cultural perspectives.



The US and India teams have more of an awareness of cultural differences and individual personalities. They are bridging the global cultural gap by identifying strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them.