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Collaborating with a Third Party Company

Countries: China, Poland, USA, | Sector: Tech


The client is a US-headquartered outsourced software engineering company which helps tech firms meet their growth targets by leveraging external talent across a variety of global locations.



An Eastern European team was suddenly asked to start collaborating with an external third-party team in China. Nobody in the team had previous experience of working with China and senior leaders were concerned about potential clashes of working style and culture which could, potentially, jeopardise project deliverables



Global Business Culture put together a two-webinar programme aimed at upskilling the Eastern European team. The first programme focused on Chinese business culture and the need to understand Chinese expectations around project working, information flow and communication. The second programme focused on 2 client-specific case studies which were developed as bespoke material for this unique client challenge.



The programme enabled delegates to formulate a concrete plan around responses to both day-to-day and critical challenges they were facing on the project. The client has subsequently asked us to help with a much more comprehensive programme to enable leaders to work across the barriers of time culture, language and distance.