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Upcoming Cultural Awareness Training

The summer months are often somewhat quiet on the training front but this year seems to have bucked the trend as we have a whole series of cultural awareness training programmes in the diary in July and August across a wide variety of sectors.

We will be running:

  • Japan Cultural Awareness Training – for a project manager in the renewables sector who will be spending a couple of weeks per month in Tokyo over the next six months or so.  I’ll be mentoring him prior to his first visit and then on an ongoing basis – as well as doing some work with the extended team.
  • Cultural Fluency for Lawyers – the legal sector always plays a big part in the work we do in the cultural fluency field and we are running a series of more general cultural awareness programmes with lawyers and support service staff across 3 different global law firms.  As the legal sector becomes incereasingly global in it’s operations, lawyers need to be able to work seamlessly in an international setting.
  • General Cultural Awareness Development – we are just starting what, we hope, will be a long-lasting relationship with a major player in the Aerospace & Defence sector and our initial engagament is with a group of senior executives who work on a global basis and who, therefore, need to adapt quickly to new situations in many lots of different cultures.
  • Culture & Market Entry Strategy – I’m looking forward to spending time in London with a group of Relationship Managers from the ‘World’s Local Bank’ when we will be looking at how global cultural differences can impact on international market entry issues.

Renewables, legal, aerospace & defence and banking – quite a varied mix of interests and need which should test my own knowledge and flexibility over the next few weeks.