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Global Outsourcing Key Considerations – Part 4

In this final blog in our series on global outsourcing we focus on some key internal areas of consideration which are critical but, in our experience, either overlooked or addressed poorly.

Why Talent and Human Resource Management is Key During the Global Outsourcing Process.

Once the decision is taken to embark on a transformational programme such as Global Outsourcing, and everyone from C-level to team member has understood the importance and risk of the programme and their specific role in the project, we enter the phase of execution. At this juncture, the impact of the plans on the teams and the human challenges they present will become magnified and, if not planned for and managed well, can derail even the most carefully thought-out of projects. Getting these elements right is critical and, if not managed with focus and agility on a daily basis, will represent potentially the biggest headache for the project leadership.

Key issues to consider at this stage are:

Pack and Ship

Once your project to outsource, offshore or centralise work is underway you will face the task of packing and shipping the selected work. The ability of your organisation to handle this will depend upon the experience in the organisation, the mood around the specific offshoring initiative and the strategies that you put in place to support this phase. Assuming that you have made good decisions about what work to move then this phase is essentially a case of describing what you do in sufficient detail to train new people and providing the correct equipment and infrastructure for them to deliver a service at least as good as todays.

Here are a few of the factors to consider in this phase:

There are many more things to consider when it comes to packing up the work and shipping it. By being broad in your thinking and systematic in your approach you can ensure a good result for this move and create a capability for future moves.

Project Management

When embarking upon offshoring, outsourcing or centralisation of work there will be multiple projects and workstreams to manage with high degrees of interdependency. An approach to project management that balances rigor with outcomes and is supported by strong communication will be key to the success of your overall programme. If you don’t already have these skills in-house then acquisition of them should be a key consideration as part of your processes for selecting partners to work with on your programme.

Some factors to consider in your approach to project management:

There are many other aspects to consider – the detail will be important, and it will depend on the context in which your projects are happening. We would love to talk to you about how you can prepare this aspect of your programme.

We hope this series of blog posts on key aspects of global outsourcing have been helpful. If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us.

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