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Jude Mahony

Jude Mahony Cultural Awareness Training in Australia

Jude is an expert in leading remote, global and outsourced teams, with a rich background in the global resources sector. She specialises in workforce strategies, including in-house, outsourced, remote and hybrid arrangements.
As an author, Jude shares insights on creating efficient workforce structures for optimal results, focusing on customer and employee experiences, building adaptable workforces, and fostering the right behaviours. Her publications, including “Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing” and “How Matrix Organisations Work,” are testament to her willingness to share her knowledge and support leadership behavioural development.
Having worked extensively in Australia, SE Asia, the US, and Canada, Jude brings a unique perspective to managing remote teams, understanding the nuances of cultural and generational diversity.
With her extensive operational experience, Jude has led organisations from startups to SMEs and managed teams in global corporations. As a workforce resourcing specialist, Jude excels in designing workforce frameworks that align with future requirements and understands in depth the capabilities required to integrate cross-cultures and cross-functions.
Jude offers her services globally, bringing her unique insights and experiences to a wide range of projects and organisations.
Her areas of focus include:

  • Advisory consulting and speaking
  • Project and change management
  • Psychometric assessments and leadership development
  • Cultural integration, diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Transition and implementation of work and service delivery models