Bespoke Cross Cultural Training USA

Boost profitability with greater cultural fluency

We’ve developed tailored training programmes to meet your needs and help you reach your global needs. Our training programmes addresses:

  • Are you individually or as a company equipped to overcome the complexities of the myriad of working styles and client expectations you encounter when working internationally?
  • How can you improve both internal and external efficiencies when working cross-border?
  • How effectively are you able to communicate ideas and strategy across cultures and languages?
  • Can greater cultural fluency boost profitability?

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About Global Business Culture

The company was founded in 1996 and focuses exclusively on the impact of global culture on organisational effectiveness. GBC works with many leading multi-national companies, professional service firms, Higher Education establishments and government departments helping them to operate more effectively in a complex global landscape and helping equip their staff with the high levels of cultural fluency needed to work effectively in cross-border environments.

We operate from bases in the UK, the USA and India – but deliver training in every continent.