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Ritika Sahai

Ritika Sahai is a CRM Lead for Global Business Culture, based out of India. She holds exceptional skills in CRM. Ritika has managed various projects and Various overseas clients – including corporate and individuals for over 5 years.

Born and brought up in India, Ritika has worked with a Media company in the past as Jr. Marketing and CRM specialist, after graduating from Mumbai University. She holds Master’s Degree in Marketing from ITM University, Mumbai. While pursuing her MBA Degree, she continued to work as a CRM & Marketing Sr. Executive with L&T Realty. Post that, she contributed to a Real Estate Channel Partner company as a CRM Deputy Manager, where she handled overseas clients.

Given her vast knowledge and expertise on the subject – CRM & Marketing, at GBC India. Ritika is responsible for expediting the global business process (Europe, United States and South Asia), managing GBC’s profile on social platforms, and handling the entire CRM operations of the company.

While managing the business process of GBC, Ritika is also learning more about International and Global Business Management through her PhD and filling the gaps in unsound business management.

Ritika is based in Mumbai, India.