Video Masterclass – All

Would you like the opportunity to hear directly from cultural awareness guru Keith Warburton? This series of twenty-five minute videos consist of in-depth explorations of key cultural awareness themes – all delivered in Keith’s inimitable style.

Theses key themes include:

  • Introduction to Global Cultural Awareness Impact on Working Cross-Border
  • The Impact of Cultural Differences on Day-to-Day Business Areas
  • Communication Issues: Different Communication Styles & the use of English as the Common Languag



Keith Warburton is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the impact of international cultural differences on cross-border business activities. He is a very frequent keynote speaker at global conferences for many of the best global companies and he advises corporations, higher education institutes and governments on these issues. In addition he runs corporate training programmes for executives from around the world, helping them to become more culturally fluent.

Keith will personally guide you through some of the key areas you need to consider when working in a globally complex environment and we guarantee you some ‘light bulb’ moments.

These three twenty-five minute videos cover the following key vital areas:

Video 1

In this initial video Keith Warburton will explore some background issues around how, why and when international cultural differences significantly impact on cross-border activities. He will make you analyse your own subconscious cultural bias and how that might negatively impact on your ability to work effectively across the barriers of international cultural difference.

Video 2

In the second in this three-part video sequence, Keith explores how international cultural differences can impact on specific day-to-day business activities. He looks at such key issues as relationship-building, differing views on how meetings should be run and how attitudes to corporate structure can impact on issues such as information flow and decision-making within a global corporation. He also tackles the difficult issue of ethics and compliance in a culturally complex world – a world where one person’s ethical stance might contradict the cultural norms in another country.

Video 3

The final video in the sequence focuses entirely on the issue of effective cross-border communication. Keith discusses the fact that different cultures use language differently and have different expectations around how they like to be communicated with. He explains that ‘good communication style in one country will very often be seen as bad communication in another.’ There are also so fascinating insights into the use of English as the default global business language.