Cultural Survival Toolkit

Cultural Survival Toolkit

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The survival kit contains sections on:

  • The Virtual Team Leader
  • Working Across Cultures
  • International Communication
  • Virtual Team Effectiveness
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Developing International Relationships
  • Frequently Asked Questions



The world of work has changed dramatically over the past twenty years or so. A few decades ago people worked mainly with colleagues from their own country – only a few select individuals within an organisation had cross-border contacts. These days people at all levels and all functions tend to work cross-border in some capacity or other.

This increased level of cross-border activity brings with it certain challenges. Not only are many relationships now virtual, they are also cross-cultural. Increasingly people are being asked to work across the barriers of culture, geography, language and time zones but are not given any training which might help them understand the nature of these complexities.

Keith Warburton has spent his career working internationally and has been helping major global companies to work smarter in a global environment for about twenty years. He helps companies to develop their global strategies and he helps individuals and teams to work as effectively as possible and react effectively to a wide range of global challenges.

Keith has distilled his knowledge and expertise in this area into this easy-to-follow survival guide for effective cross-border working. The more generic information in this booklet underpins much of the country-specific information Keith has shared with you on this website. As such, this booklet becomes essential reading for anybody who really wants to be globally effective.

If you really want to improve your ability to work seamlessly across cultures, this booklet will really help you achieve that ambition. Written in a no-nonsense, practical way Keith will give you dozens of practical hints and tips which you can apply immediately in your day-to-day international business dealings.