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Learn About Chinese Business Culture with Our eLearning Programme

By Keith Warburton

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By Keith Warburton

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Why should you invest time and resources to learn about Chinese culture?

China continues to dominate the global political, economic and business landscape and its upward trajectory shows no sign of abating. The unprecedented growth of China over the past few decades means that more and more people are interfacing with Chinese counterparts on a daily basis. As most manufacturing companies have a deeply embedded supply chain in China, companies are increasingly looking to Chinese consumers to boost global revenues and we are starting to see more and more Chinese companies acquiring Western businesses.

What does this mean for non-Chinese organisations? It means that China cannot be ignored – it must be understood in its vastness and complexity. It also means that we need to understand the Chinese mindset and how that impacts on attitudes in the business environment.

Global Business Culture has been running cross-cultural awareness training sessions on China for two decades, but we realise that we cannot reach everybody with our face-to-face interventions and that technology allows us to address a much wider audience through the power of digital technology.

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive cultural awareness training digital learning hub, Global Business Compass, which we feel is a great back-up to the ‘live’ training events we run as well as allowing our clients to offer quality cross-cultural training interventions to a geographically dispersed workforce.

Countries Covered in Our eLearning Training Programme

The digital hub is packed with a variety of informative learning offerings which also include a series of country-specific eLearning programmes on:

  • India
  • Germany
  • France
  • Brazil

The digital learning hub and the China cultural awareness training programme within it are aimed at all employees who work in a global environment and who have the need to work smarter and more effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders around the world. As a 24/7 resource people are able to dip in and out of the hub on an ‘as needs’ basis helping an organisation deliver appropriate and targeted training on a just-in-time basis.

What is Covered in the China-specific Cross-Cultural Training Awareness eLearning Programme?

The China-specific cross cultural awareness training programme features different elements to help those on the course learn about Chinese culture:

  • An introductory, interactive quiz
  • Background information on China
  • Communication issues with China
  • Information on working with hierarchy in China
  • An introduction to meetings in China
  • Links to other informative thought leadership pieces on China
  • And much more
Keith Warburton

Author: Keith Warburton, Global Business Culture CEO

As well as the country-specific eLearning cultural awareness courses outlined above, Global Business Compass also includes:

  • The Business Culture Essential eLearning programme
  • A cultural compatibility diagnostic tool
  • Video masterclasses with global cross culture expert Keith Warburton
  • 40 country-specific cultural overviews in PDF format
  • 40 country-specific facts and figures PDFs
  • Dozens of blog posts on key aspects of working cross-border

If you would like demonstration access to the cultural awareness training hub or just to the China cultural awareness eLearning element please contact us.

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