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Online Cultural Awareness Training

An online cultural awareness training platform is a good investment for global, geographically-dispersed organisations who would benefit from improving the overall levels of cultural fluency within their employee-base – but the very nature of being a global organisation raises lots of logistical questions:

These are conversations we often have with our international clients and fortunately we can offer them a workable solution through our online cultural awareness learning hub, Global Business Compass.

Global Business Compass site, online cultural awareness trainingOnline Cultural Awareness Training with Global Business Compass

Global Business Compass is a cultural awareness online learning platform which opens a world of learning about different approaches to business which can be found in 40 major global economies.  We have specifically developed the content and platform to answer the cultural awareness training needs of organisations who work in a global environment and we have based the development of this unique product on our experience of running cultural awareness training programmes over a twenty-year period.

Global Business Culture is a pre-eminent provider of cultural awareness training for business and we have worked with international businesspeople in more than 60 countries over the past 20 years.  Our knowledge is current, it is practical, and it is deep.  We have infused our online cultural awareness training portal, Global Business Compass, with our deep knowledge to produce an online learning platform which can really help your company work more effectively across the barriers of culture, geography, time zones and language.

What are the Benefits of Global Business Compass?

One of the key benefits of the hub – and the reason this is such a great solution to global training needs – is that the product is accessible from any internet enabled device on a 24/7 basis anywhere in the world.  The product delivers learning and knowledge where you need it, when you need it.  People can visit and revisit the knowledge bank at any time wherever they are in the world.

You can also assess learner progress through the integrated learning management system which allows real-time visibility of how actively the hub is being used.  We can even give you internal marketing collateral to help you spread the word about this amazing knowledge bank within your organisation.

And Global Business Compass is big! The hub has a wealth of learning and knowledge delivered through a number of differing methodologies including e-learning, videos, in-depth country profiles and relevant blogs.  We know different people have differing learning styles, so we offer lots of different options.

What Does Global Business Compass Cover?

This digital online hub will grow month-by-month and year-on-year and we are dedicated to making Global Business Compass the most useful cultural awareness online learning tool available in the world.

If you are interested in reviewing the hub with a view to purchasing a corporate licence, please contact us.

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